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Mon Oct 14 18:32:24 CEST 2002

Dear Harald.

It is time for dinner
 (www.dr.dk/riland   -> webcam)

I have some comments:

- if the reason for the short life span of the house is hooliganism then these thoughts are not relevant.
- If the reason is building / construction related, then I want to ask what the reason is not to build ”a cheap, fast to build, sb- design” that will last as long as it is maintained.
- My question is based on the fact that if it isnt liveable after one year (due to moisture problems I assume) then it will also be unhealthy to live in at an earlier stage. And as it is hard to determine this point of time it actually isnt liveable at all.
- You know how to build a cheap fast longlived sb-house: www.dr.dk/halmhuset
- Find out what it will cost to ship in a truck load full of mussell shells, which I assume is the only thing you might lack.
- The only major change that needs to be done is to have ventilation between the roof insulation and the roof membrane. We have used pallets (the ones you load stuff on when you ship it in a truck) or a second layer of round wood trusses with a metal fence spanning them.

When and where might it be happening Harald.
I might be able to join in for a long weekend with a VW Transporter full of enthusiastic builders.

Harald wrote:

Looking for a cheap, fast to build, sb- design for a temporary house
that may last only one winter. It will be build for refugee kids from
Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro that live in Germany now.
Ideas so far: loadbearing walls on sandbag foundation, cement stucco (
cause clay will not dry any more this time of year and it needs a stucco
because the house is for gipsy children and we have to take neo-nazi
attacks into concideration).
Sheepwool roof insulation ( with a lot of salt) and a roofskin from
aluminium offset printing plates.
Floor insulation from wine bottle corks ( almost dont burn), churches
and other organizations do collect them.
It might be nessecary to build the structure (30-40 m2) ilegally, so we
would like to get the roof on in one day.
I will be glad for any suggestion about improvements and positive
Yours, Harald Wedig



Lars Keller
Friland 12 B
8410 Rønde

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