[Strawbale] Roma in need

Harald und Margit Wedig avantgarden at wxs...
Mon Oct 14 17:56:50 CEST 2002

Looking for a cheap, fast to build, sb- design for a temporary house
that may last only one winter. It will be build for refugee kids from
Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro that live in Germany now.
Ideas so far: loadbearing walls on sandbag foundation, cement stucco (
cause clay will not dry any more this time of year and it needs a stucco
because the house is for gipsy children and we have to take neo-nazi
attacks into concideration).
Sheepwool roof insulation ( with a lot of salt) and a roofskin from
aluminium offset printing plates.
Floor insulation from wine bottle corks ( almost dont burn), churches
and other organizations do collect them.
It might be nessecary to build the structure (30-40 m2) ilegally, so we
would like to get the roof on in one day.
I will be glad for any suggestion about improvements and positive
Yours, Harald Wedig

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