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Sat Oct 12 22:35:42 CEST 2002

Hello to the European strawbale group:

I was away last week and a ghost in my computer sent the nonsense reply at 
the bottom of this message......

But perhaps I should take the opportunity to announce that I am working on 
a new book of straw-bale home plans and design ideas.  It will be a color 
picture book, with about forty nice straw-bale houses from diverse regions 
in the U.S. and Canada.  My intention is that it will help people with 
design ideas, floor plans and resources -- as well as offering information 
about design essentials for SB, siting,  climate and budget issues.

I am working to send it to the publisher within a month, and it is 
scheduled to be available by spring 2003.  I hope it will be a useful 
contribution to the field.

Catherine Wanek
Kingston, NM USA

PS I would like you all to know that there is great opposition to allowing 
our so-called president the power to invade Iraq.   This dissent is 
widespread, but not reflected much in the mainstream media.  Fortunately 
the internet makes it possible for us to get some of this message out.

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>>Hallo daar?
>>Leeft de strawbale mailing list nog? Wat is er gebeurd? Moet ik opnieuw
>>Luk Jonckheere
>>     European strawbale building discussion list
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>>Archives, subscription options, etc:
>Thanks for your interest in straw-bale building.
>The fastest way to get useful information is probably to visit our website 
>at www.StrawbaleCentral.com -- which has a gallery of photos of a variety 
>of straw-bale and natural buildings.   And you'll find links to other 
>informational sites.
>There's also a Resource section, where we offer hard-to-find books and 
>videos on the subject.    Our flyer also lists these book and video 
>resources, and we can send it by snail mail, if you reply with your address.
>We also recommend The Last Straw Journal  www.strawhomes.com , which is 
>the International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building.
>This quarterly Journal offers up-to-date info from around the world, 
>including technical articles, case studies, code and testing info, human 
>and bale resources, a calendar of workshops and more.  It really is 
>essential to get and stay current with advances in straw-bale technologies.
>The TLS annual "Resource Issue" is where you would find info on SB 
>practitioners in your area.
>This issue has just come out!
>Best regards,
>Catherine Wanek
>Black Range Films &
>Natural Building Resources
>119 Main St. , Kingston, NM 88042
>505-895-5652 / fax 505-895-3326
><blackrange at zianet...>
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