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Dear Hannes,

I went to subscribe straight away, and was then informed that I was allready.
I agree that subgroup technical research is a good idea, provided it is active.... Anyway, could I receive all previously emails on this subject?

With Samuel Courgey I am making a list of all the SB resources we know of. Testings, books, etc. 
Of course TLS is a great source of info for us, but I'll be grateful to see/receive any info you have that is not mentioned in TLS. 


Dear Chug, dear Andre dear straw bale building community,
  At the esbn Gathering in April this year, we (GrAT = Center for Appropriate Technology at the Vienna University of Technology) proposed to organise and to host the subgroup technical research (tests and new constructions). 
  As a first step we launched a mailing list for the subgroup, to focus the discussion on testing and construction issues. This would allow us on the one hand to discuss spezific issues in a smaller group of experts and on the other hand the main mailing list will not be overloaded with very detailed discussions.
  This e-mail list is now redesigned and much easier to manage and to use. Anyone who is interessted can susbcribe at 

  The second step was to send the results of the esbn workshop on testing and new constructions to the list members, those who subscribed at the gathering. This mail also included a to-do-list concerning future testing and available test results. 

  These activities were meant to bring up all available test results and certificates and to prevent redundant research and testing. Unfortunately this message didn`t get through.

  Concerning the question of Chug and the e-mail of André, I want to stress that we (GrAT) have proposed to install and host this mailling list, because it was common sense at the gathering that such a platform for specific discussions on tests and new constructions is necessary and would support and spread strawbale building in Europe. We still believe, that such a platform will support straw bale building and invite all straw bale building experts to discuss tests and new constructions, to share information on existing test results and to build up a data base of existing test certificates.

  What we cannot do is to keep a mailing list alive, if nobody is using the list. 

  So I can only repeat, that the offer is still available and the mailing list will be hosted by us.  So feel free to use it!!!

  Best regards


  Dipl. Ing. Hannes Hohensinner
  Gruppe Angepasste Technologie (GrAT)/TU Wien
  Wiedner Hauptstrasse 8-10
  A-1040 Wien

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    Greetings bale believers,
    I was wondering how the subgroup for testing that formed after the European Gathering was coming along, as I am trying to include some links on my website for test results. 
    Any help on testing and where to find info would be nice.
    Regards Chug.

    P.S Keep spreading the word!
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