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Thu Nov 14 14:12:11 CET 2002

Hi Chug, Han and others,

Indeed we did make our own bales by hand and feet in India. We 
were happy with the results. See our website and The Last Straw 

Handles and levers do give more compression, but are extreemly 
time consuming since the straw needs to be compacted everytime 
you add a little.

Feel free to ask more questions, I should be back online in a 
week or so.

Bale on,

> op 11-11-2002 11:26 schreef chug. op chug at strawbale-
> Greetings Bale believers,
> can anyone help? I have seen a picture on a website somewhere 
of a homemade
> baling box with a long arm which people hung on to comprees 
the straw into
> bales, but I cannot seem to remember or find the site where I 
saw this.
> Regards Chug.
> P.S Keep spreading the word!
> chug at strawbale-building....uk
> http://www.strawbale-building.co.uk/
> Hello Chug,
> I happened to see that picture too, only two days ago at a 
straw bale
> builders' meeting at Cai's and Jolien's place in Amsterdam. 
André de Bouter
> showed a lot of slides from all over the world at that 
occasion. A number of
> them were about a project somewhere in India, where till then 
the straw bale
> was an unknown phenomenom. André built a hand-and-foot 
powered straw bale
> press that finally produced fine bales. André figured out 
that hanging
> people to a long arm in order to compress the bales did not 
lead to a better
> bale quality than compressing the straw by feet. That's all I 
know about it.
> For more information you'd better contact André himself: 
m.ep at laposte...
> Perhaps you'll find more at his beautiful website,
> www.la-maison-en-paille.com
> Regards,
> Han van Drunen

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