[Strawbale] Homemade baler box

chug. chug at strawbale-building....uk
Tue Nov 12 15:31:44 CET 2002

Thank you too Harald,
How is the help for the Roma coming on ?
Regards Chug.

> Hello Chug,
> here is a german webside that shows a more sophisticated manual press
> (picture, left).
> http://www.kinzler-gmbh.de/presstechnik/handystech.htm
> It consist mainly of a stout box that can be opened to one side and a
> steel spindle, like that of a wine press.
> Besides straw you can press pretty tough stuff with it, like heather,
> chapperal, macchia, cardboard or empty plastic bottles ( good place to
> harvest those: whirlpools of mexican or balkan rivers;-) for ground
> walls.
> Harald

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