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Dear Andre,

back from Brittany I did not found your discussion before. However the
hybride-pavillion you saw at the Floriade had been build with a sliding ring
beam. During pre-compression the ringbeam went down, the bales - placed one
by one between vertical beams - where additionally fixed with strings, so
they don't move out of shape during compression, as we experienced with
round shapes before.

When compression had been realised, the ringbeam gets fixed to the vertical
beams and the roof load is nicely balanced.

Best wishes, Martin

PS: Thanks to Simon and now to Jan Holland for their list job.... Perceive
your place in Straw-Bale-Wall-Halla...
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  Dear Barbara,

  I read one of your comments on the 'sliding' ring beam. Did I understand
correctly that you only use posts where you need them for doors and windows?
And that the ringbeam slides over those posts so that the bales can be put
under compression?

  The principle of combining post and beam with compression is something I
find most interesting of all the SB techniques we've seen in our travels.
(while trying to minimize the amount of wood for the posts)

  Could you sent me a little sketch of the detail where the posts meet the

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