[Strawbale] workshop in North Yorkshire

Mandy Blann mandyspinone at hotmail...
Mon Jun 17 16:37:12 CEST 2002

My name is Karol Prior e-mail Karolette at address...
I've been given your e-mail about the building project in July & August from 
Steve & Angie (don't know their sirname)
I'd be very interested in being a volunteer for a week or maybe two perhaps 
starting from 8th july so I could learn some foundation work & also do some 
wall building.
I have a strong desire to build & live in a straw bale house but havn't had 
any practical experience. This would be an ideal opportunity to get some.
Please contact me on either this e-mail address or the one at the top of 
this letter. (this is a friends, as I've had problems accessing mine)
Look forward to hearing from you.
mobile number should you need it is 07947 168365


Karol Prior

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