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This is to let you know about a residential weekend course that may be of interest to you. 
Course Title: Straw-Bale Building

Date: 6-8 September 02

Location: Redfield Community, Buckinghamshire

Cost: £150 waged, £100 unwaged. Discounts for 'Friends of LILI'. All meals and accommodation included

Course details:

This is a practical building project, aiming to leave a permanent structure on the site. This will involve some carpentry and general building as well as handling straw bales. We will try to avoid power tools and people of all abilities are welcome. You will also learn about the environmental and practical benefits of constructing buildings using straw bales.

The course will be run by Simon Pratt who is one of the leading straw bale builders in Britain today, he has built many buildings of various sizes and designs. The author of "The Permaculture Plot", he is a well respected permaculturist with lots of knowledge to share.

Since 1995, Simon has helped to build a dozen straw bale buildings plus two demonstration structures. He has designed and constructed six straw bale buildings at Redfield.

During the weekend you will:

·         Build straw bale walls

·         Learn how to work with straw bales, including cutting and tying

·         Erect at least part of the roof structure

·         Plaster with natural finishes

·         See our collection of books and slides on straw-bale building


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