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Kellie Morgantini chalonelaw at justice...
Wed Dec 18 20:00:10 CET 2002

Jenik - 

no problem - I was a little amused before opening the e-mail trying to figure out the connection between Chinese bikes
and strawbale.  No virus, no problem.

As a SB'er from the States (California) our list has been down for about a month.  Your listserv here is a lifesaver for
those whose daily SB chat was a must as much as one's morning caffeine jolt. Thanks for your work on maintaining the list,

Kellie D. Morgantini
Monterey County California

On Wed, 18 Dec 2002, Jan Hollan wrote:

> Dear balers,
> I apologise for not preventing that spam, but it could not be prevented
> probably. I wrote the sender's domain among the forbidden ones, but it
> will function just the next time...
> The only way how to prevent this sort of spam is accepting mail just from
> member addresses.
> It's inconvenient for people, who don't write always from the same
> address. Then the posting is held until the moderator approves it. If some
> of you is on the net most of the time, maybe you could share moderating
> the list with Simon, then it could work. Just the moderators are informed
> about such mails (there can be any number of their addresses), I'm not one
> in this case and don't want to be (I'm drowning in lots of emails anyway).
> jenik
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