[Strawbale] China Motorcycle

Jan Hollan jhollan at amper....muni.cz
Wed Dec 18 19:41:43 CET 2002

Dear balers,

I apologise for not preventing that spam, but it could not be prevented
probably. I wrote the sender's domain among the forbidden ones, but it
will function just the next time...

The only way how to prevent this sort of spam is accepting mail just from
member addresses.

It's inconvenient for people, who don't write always from the same
address. Then the posting is held until the moderator approves it. If some
of you is on the net most of the time, maybe you could share moderating
the list with Simon, then it could work. Just the moderators are informed
about such mails (there can be any number of their addresses), I'm not one
in this case and don't want to be (I'm drowning in lots of emails anyway).


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