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Jan Hollan jhollan at amper....muni.cz
Thu Aug 23 21:35:41 CEST 2001

To je zjevne pekna knizka, urcite jednu chci, bylo by ale vhodne koupit
jednou objednavkou vic kusu, postovne za ty dalsi je 4 misto 8 $. Krome
toho je tam nejaka sleva pro ty, co maji uz ucet, kdyby jej nekdo mel,
bylo by to sikovne. 

Ja to jinak na kartu objednam, jeden kus jsem uz slibil Honzovi
Berankovi, co mi tu zpravu fw (a jak jsem spechal pred odjezdem na
dovolenou, jeste jsem to neobjednal) chtel by nekdo dalsi a prisel by si
pro nej na hvezdarnu? Chci to ale objednat uz zitra...

zdravi Jenik

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Subject: Climate Change Solutions: New Book
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            TO ALL FRIENDS OF THE EARTH   (Please forward to the
appropriate people)

Dear Friends of the Earth workers and volunteers, all over the world,

                "Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change"

We are happy to announce that our book "Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to
Global Climate Change" by Guy Dauncey with Patrick Mazza, has just been

New Society Publishers http://www.newsociety.com
Price US$19.95    CAN $27.95

     "Anyone who wants to do something about global warming can find
     practical and helpful ideas in Stormy Weather.  It is a one-stop shop
     for global warming action for all sectors of society."
      Jennifer Morgan, World Wide Fund for Nature

Our goal as authors has been to describe the basics of climate change,
showcase the best solutions from around the world, and offer guidance
for every sector of society:

      10 Solutions for Individuals
      10 Solutions for Citizens Organizations
      10 Solutions for Cities, Towns and Counties
      10 Solutions for Businesses and Organizations
      15 Solutions for Energy Companies
       5 Solutions for Auto Companies
      10 Solutions for States and Provinces
      10 Solutions for National Governments
      10 Solutions for Developing Nations
      10 Global Solutions
       1 Solution for All of Us

      "A fabulous book. Everybody talks about the climate, but
      nobody does anything about it.  Now they can.  Stormy Weather
      provides a sweeping vision of the issues, and comprehensive
      practical solutions. A must read for anyone who wants a
      cleaner, healthier planet."
          James Hansen,
          Director, NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

The 288-page book has been designed as a series of self-contained 2-page
units, each of which describes the issue, offers solutions based on the
best practices, and includes a listing of web-based resources, an
illustration, and other material. (1,300 web resources in all)

Based on the urgent need to prevent climate change from entering the
runaway phase, when the melting ice, drying rainforests and warming
oceans join the thawing permafrost in contributing to the process, with
almost unthinkable results, the authors have worked with a goal of an
80% reduction in emissions by 2025.

For the fossil-fuel corporations, this might seem ridiculous. For those
who are involved in creating the solutions, however, involving solar,
wind and other renewable energies, energy efficiency, hydrogen, cycling
strategies, smart growth, hybrid electric vehicles, ethanol, car-free
communities, organic farming, ecoforesty, eco-industrial ecology,
methane capture, and so on, the challenge shines with excitement.

As you doubtless know all too well, climate change threatens our forests
and wetlands, oceans and farms, and so many species that are already under
threat. I am sending you details of this book, because it is so important
for all of us to understand what we can do about the crisis. There are
many, many solutions - and they are all good for a healthy, sustainable

For a signed copy with an early-bird 15% discount, please send a cheque
or money-order to:
Guy Dauncey, 395 Conway Road, Victoria, B.C. V9E 2B9, Canada

Early-bird price:
US dollars: $16.95 + $7 postage surface, $9 air (each additional copy, add $1)
Canadian dollars: $23.75 + $5.50 postage (each additional copy, add $1 postage)

US dollars: $14 + $6 surface mail postage: Total $20.00

      "I hope Stormy Weather gains the widest possible readership.
      Its facts and figures, explanations and solutions, backed up
      by numerous Internet links, provide a wonderfully
      comprehensive guide to climate change and what the world needs
      to do about it. Its lively, engaging style and
      easily-digestible sections are very appealing."
           Matthew Bramley, Pembina Institute, Alberta, Canada

We are very excited by the book, and hope that it will be widely used,
eliminating forever the excuse that we don't know what to do, or that we
can't afford to change. The book's website is http://www.earthfuture.com.

with best wishes,
Guy Dauncey
Victoria, B.C., Canada

More review comments:

"A wonderful contribution that provides clear guidance on climate
solutions. Positive action is long overdue and this exciting road map
will help move us forward."
      David Suzuki, scientist, author and broadcaster

"Stormy Weather is really wonderful; it ought to be required reading
for everyone who is concerned about our planet's climate, beginning in
every high school in the country."
      Ross Gelbspan, author of 'The Heat is On'

"It may be a little premature to see climate change as one great big
opportunity to improve our lives, rather than as a punitive cost, but
this book should certainly help change mindsets in getting that
particular balance sorted out."
      Jonathon Porritt, Chairman, UK Sustainable Development Commission

"Guy Dauncey and Patrick Mazza have written an invaluable book --
science and solutions, credible and accessible -- a must read survival
guide on Planet Earth."
      Elizabeth May, Sierra Club, Canada

"Stormy Weather is an extraordinary accomplishment. It presents a
thorough understanding of the threat to Creation from climate change.
With abundant practical solutions and thorough resources, readers are
stimulated to decide for themselves what actions they want to take."
      Rev. Sally G. Bingham, Episcopal Power and Light, San Francisco

"Comprehensive and well-researched, this book evokes hope where it
might have created despair."
     David Eisenberg, Development Center for Appropriate Technology

"You want solutions to climate change? Here they are for everyone -
from homeowners seeking bill relief to corporate  executives seeking
clean ways to improve profits, from government  leaders looking for
practical actions to community activists  demanding results. You'll be
amazed at how easy it is to lift your  burden on our only planet's
climate, and how many extra benefits you'll create: good and durable
jobs, global security, a cleaner and safer environment, and a stronger
economy. This provocative book is your guide to being part of the
solution. It's peppered with  resources and salted with realism. Don't
just stand there - sit and  read, then go do it!"
      Amory Lovins, Rocky Mountain Institute, USA

"If global warming seems like an overwhelming challenge, Stormy Weather
is your answer.  It represents a handbook and a blueprint for people and
institutions seeking practical ways to cool the climate. The book shows
clearly that global warming solutions are available, and that
implementing them will give us a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous
      Denis Hayes, International Chair of Earth Day, USA

"Stormy Weather is most timely. The general public is finally coming to
accept the science of climate change.  People are now beginning to ask
for meaningful actions they might take, as individuals and as a society.
A rich menu of wise policies is presented by Dauncey and Mazza in this
fine book."
     Dr. Richard Gammon, Professor of Chemistry and Oceanography,
     University of Seattle, USA

                               Guy Dauncey,
                   Sustainable Communities Consultancy
                395 Conway Rd, Victoria B.C. V9E 2B9, Canada
                   Tel/Fax (250) 881-1304(wk)  881-1555(hm)
                        guydauncey at earthfuture...


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