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Jan Hollan
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Subject: "Cancer and Rhythm" - please register (fwd)

Dear night enviromentalists,

the conference Children Leukaemia was excellent. The participants had many
different backgrounds, each devoted to her/his own research or concerns,
but the message that light at night seems to be a large problem indeed was
heard by all and repeated by many. All the British newspapers wrote about
it, and specially warned from letting the light on in children bedrooms.

Thanks to the organizing charity Children with Leukaemia I've been able to
be there with a poster,
  post_jh.pdf in http://amper.ped.muni.cz/noc/english/ .
 The interesting novelty there are the sensitivity curves for two camera
types. Meanwhile I've checked that the Fuji S5000 blue sensitivity given
there is correct within perhaps two per cent, just the red one is maybe
three per cent larger, what's irrelevant for measuring blue-green light
suppressing melatonin production.

In Friday, I have proposed a working shape of the sensitivity curve, urged
by David Keith (whom I'm obliged for that). It's made from the three
existing publications and uses the steep slope of the lens transmissivity
toward UV. See
 or analytic/table form somewhere in the zip of the same name.

Another vital conference has a deadline very soon, don't miss it. It's
EUR 300 for registration+payment before Sep 24. We'll have four posters


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Subject: "Cancer and Rhythm" - please register

Dear poster authors/presenters,

if you have already registered for the conference on "Cancer and Rhythm", p=
lease just delete this message.

If you (or any of your co-authors) have not registered yet, we ask you to d=
o so by September 24. Please inform us if somebody else - other than you or=
 a co-author - will present the poster and has already registered.
Should we not have received registration and payment by then, your poster w=
ill not be included in the final program nor the abstract book.
Without registering you will not be allowed to present your poster at the c=
For your convenience I am attaching the registration form again.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you have further questions.
Should you be unable to attend, we would ask you to also let us know - than=
k you.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Graz!

Warm regards
D. Scherling
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Relations and Conferences
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