[Darksky]Re: World Year of Physics 2005

Jan Hollan
Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:41:37 +0200 (CEST)

Just after publishing my draft, I found a message from Tim Otto Roth when
scanning my mailbox for messages obtained during vacancies.

I recommend his bilingual
 very much!

Many aspects of switched-off lights are discussed there. At the end, there
is the marvelous project by the artist, which got the first German Light
Art Award "LUX.US" on March 2004.


 maybe I should remember the milestone in combating the myth of crime
being born out of darkness, the Barry Clark's Outdoor Lighting and Crime
two-part paper, with important info on the blackouts, available, e.g., at
 (I've read it being called controversial, but I know of no other
  controversy than that some people don't like it)
 -- in fact, the (natural) fear of darkness masked by unproved claims that
light is essential to protect us from assaults, is the very reason why
communities and people hesitate to switch off the lights outdoors.
However, with the Moon there will be no deep darkness on the evening of
Apr 18, 2005, to be afraid of.