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Jan Hollan
Fri, 9 Nov 2001 10:25:38 +0100 (CET)

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   Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2001 05:17:17 -0000
   From: "David Oesper" <DaveOesperAaol...>
Subject: BP/Amoco Canopy Lighting

Here's a note I sent to BP/Amoco on Tuesday via their website at

I just heard one of your advertisements on the radio this evening
about the Amoco to BP changeover, and you make a comment about your 
service stations having a brighter environment.  Please, do not
exceed IESNA recommended illumination levels and always use fully-
recessed canopy luminaires to minimize glare and light trespass.  The 
light levels at many service stations has reached insanely high
levels in recent years, and there is no research to support the claim 
that this much light is needed to see well, or to be safe and secure.

A service station in a rural area or small town should have lower
illumination levels than one in a brightly-lit urban area.

The recommendations of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North
America (IESNA) are as follows:

Service Station or Gas Pump Area Average Illuminance Levels

Approach with Dark Surroundings: 1.5 fc
Driveway with Dark Surroundings: 1.5 fc
Pump Island Area with Dark Surroundings: 5 fc
Building Facades with Dark Surroundings: 2 fc
Service Areas with Dark Surroundings: 2 fc
Landscape Highlights with Dark Surroundings: 1 fc

Approach with Light Surroundings: 2 fc
Driveway with Light Surroundings: 2 fc
Pump Island Area with Light Surroundings: 10 fc
Building Facades with Light Surroundings: 3 fc
Service Areas with Light Surroundings: 3 fc
Landscape Highlights with Light Surroundings: 2 fc

I have been an Amoco customer since 1978, but I will take my business
elsewhere if you do not follow sensible and
environmentally-responsible lighting practices.


David Oesper
Outdoor Lighting Associates, Inc.
1208 Wilson Ave.
Ames, Iowa  50010-5426

Phone & Fax:  (515) 233-0117
E-mail:  OutdoorLtgAaol...

And here's the response I received from BP/Amoco today:

>Thank you for your inquiry. We have forwarded your comments to our
>design engineering team for further review.


I'll keep you posted!

Best Regards,

David Oesper
Ames, Iowa