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Apart from the whole Maltian 
    Linkname: !! Environment Protection Department: Discussions
        URL: http://www.environment.gov.mt/forum/forum.asp
 I reccommend reading a paragraph
   Linkname: light pollution & health
        URL: http://www.environment.gov.mt/forum/GetMessage.asp?ID=379

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Dear Everyone,

The Malta Environment Forum Alexei refers to could help launch a united,
international campaign to wipe this little island off of nighttime
satellite images.  Imagine the energy savings that means. The lighting
examples and practices generated to accomplish this could apply anywhere
on the planet. Everyone involved would be better prepared for similar

NASA might even help if we ask. This is their latest image of
'energy-waste disease':  

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> To all
> An environmental online forum at
>   http://www.environment.gov.mt/forum/forum.asp 
>  features regular information about light pollution.
> This form is part of the website of the Environment Protection
> Department of the Ministry for Environment (Malta).  We are currently
> discussing the issue of light pollution with these people who have
> shown a lot of interest in the subject.  Our aim would be of
> introducing a law about light pollution and outdoor lighting by the
> ministry (especially on the grounds of damage to the environment).
> Your contributions would be appreciated!
> Alexei Pace
> Light Pollution Awareness Group (Malta)
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