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Jan Hollan
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 09:47:00 +0100 (CET)

 The Italians go to sleep quite late, but still, they do! 

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Alexei Pace sent this to the Malta list: 

To reduce energy waste and financial costs, the Comune of Torino will be
switching off all decorative lighting of the city from 1:30 a.m. onwards!

Read more about this at 

Oh dear. Italian. And it's light OUT news! I asked Alexei for a
translation to share, and here it is. Thank You Alexei!  : )

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This is it more or less!


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"Night begins after 1am"

To save energy, the Council of Turin (Italy) will be switching off its
decorative lighting of the city (that which illuminates the facades of Via
Po, etc) between 1am and 1:30am.

This has been announced by councilor Paolo Hutter who said that the
decision still has to be discussed in its technical details, but as
regards the timing they are quite sure about it.

To find the ideal solution Hutter would like the possibility of switching
off the decorative lights at 1am on working days, and 2am on feasts,
holidays etc.  However they do not have as yet the necessary timing
equipment to enable this.

Any way, the needs of the Turin people shall be respected, as found on the
web-poll made online in the website of www.lastampa.it (one of italy's
major newspapers).  3032 people voted online, of which 34% wanted
swtiching off at midnight, while the majority (38%) wanted switching off
at a later time.

And while the facade lighting of the palaces etc will be switched off,
lighting of monuments which are symbols of Turin (la Mole Antonelliana,
Superga, il Monte dei Cappuccini) will be switched off at 3am.

Hutter said that in these cases they have to act cautiously, and above
all, compute well the accounts in order to see how many billions they will
save thanks to this decision.

(11 gennaio 2001)

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