[CCD-CR] First 100 runs at ADA! AL Com news!

Rudolf Novak novak at hvezdarna...
Mon May 28 00:27:51 CEST 2001

Dear colleagues,

I'm very happy to inform you about great news from Brno. Right now I  
prepared a complete photometry coverage results which are accessible 
via  internet under URL of Virtual Observatory which is under:  
http://ada.astronomy.cz . I uploaded all runs obtained here at Brno by  
Petr Sobotka and me and by Kamil Hornoch who observe mostly asterodis,  
comets and supernovae in Lelekovice. Light curves contains also some  
short info about conditions.

Virtual Observatory is more than just a data server so you can also 
check some usefull refferences to other AL Com pages. Spent some time to 
have a look and you'll certainly know all details of system soon.  
Nowadays I work on linux/apache/php + cgi port of virtual observatory 
and about some new functions. Altogether with Filip Hroch we speak now 
about automatized data reduction and robotic upload to a central 

Last but not Least. While we have many of images we tried to combine 
them together. Results are quite impressive. A great spiral gallaxy M 88 
is very nice and fileds cover stars down to 20 mag so feel free to study 
carefully this small part of a sky. Link to the page is in ADA system in 
section refferences in page of AL Com or you can simply open it here: 

Right now we have rainy days so just when we start next runs we 
certainly send some alert. We would be very happy if other observers 
would cover this superoutburst now to continue with very detailed 
photometry study of the system.

Rudolf Novak, Petr Sobotka, Kamil Hornoch, Tomas Hruban
Brno group

P.S. An excellent example of image combining: 

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