Mostly fully shielded lamps

we saw on our trip from Brno to Pardubice and back. Comments within the tables are in Czech only now.

The set of images is available in several sizes:

As just the small images (503 KB) or a table of larger images with Czech (2727 KB) or English comments (not yet finished) is an alternative. (clicking on the image will bring the next larger size).

There are also thubnail selectors for each directory, just 227 KB large: for the small, larger and still larger ...x768 size images. The ...x768 ones have a thumbnail table selector in Czech or English commentary as well.

The original 1600x1200 bitmaps (average size .65 MB) are listed in the directory fullsize (just a directory listing) or accessible through a thumbnail table with Czech or English commentary or a thumbnail overview.

The tree of images has been created by the original set of *.jpg files by a unix script fts and three other ones, see a directory scripts. Also a zipped archive of the tree without the original files has been made this way, ( MB).

Brno, 2002-06-06
Jeník Hollan, (english / deutsch / hrvatski / česky, raději než ,,cesky``)