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Re: lightpollution

>     These days I am preparing a short article on light pollution for
> www.spin.gr, a site managed by the greek national research foundation.
>     In the IDA pressrelease I read that you had to do with the recent
> legislation aginst lightpollution in your country. I would be grateful
> if you could send me some comment. How are things going? And what
> triggered this law? Was it energy-related issues or the desire to
> preserve the sky? By the way, what is the population of the Czeck
> republic??

Dear Sofia,
 I've written some comments already in the last weeks, everything is
accessible from the http://www.astro.cz/darksky, e.g., in the mailinglist
http://amper.ped.muni.cz/darksky or in the archives of my mail mentioned
on the main page. The most comprehensive info is perhaps the lecture I
gave in Venice at the beginning of May.

Things are going not bad, not ideal. Some time for the lighting people to
take a breath and become to understand what it's about is needed. We have
some allies already there. 

The merit for the presence of LP in the Clean Air Act is definitely on
Stanislav Fischer, MP and astronomer, he began and supported the effort. 

For me, energy conservation and climate protection have been very
important motives, as I devote to these issues even longer than to the LP.
I use them all the time when speaking broadly about LP. Protection of the
heavens or, after the Venice meeting, rather of the night itself, is of
course the main motive.

We are 15 million in Czechia. 

so much for now, 
 I'm ready to answer further questions, thank for your interest in these