Science In Africa - Practical Action 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

The Harmony Project - Living in Harmony with Nature

Harmony group, Kakoyi Corner 2009

The Harmony Development Group consists of 4 sections engaged in:
Tree planting, Soil improvement, Water treatment, Energy saving

Main objectives:
Climate change mitigation and adaptation, Reduction of carbon emissions, Propagation of renewable energy sources, Combating deforestation, Avoiding pollution of the Environment, Reduction of poverty, Environmental education

Sponsoring students in Kenya

Students at Dunga Beach in Kisumu (Wikimapia), Okoth Family Tree

Nicholas Okoth
Benter Okoth
Seline Mukoya
Catherine Mukoya
Jabez Okoth
Cornel Owiti
Kelvix Nakhukwa

Daughter of Oscar Oyalo
Marion Oyalo

Children and broather of Mildred Shikoto - leader of Harmony Development Group
Mildred's 4 children, Kokoyi
Peter Misiko

List of sponsors and fundrisings

School expenses

List of donors 2011

Michal Růžička donated 4000,-CZK for second term of 2009 secondary school (Seline and Cetherine)

Lucie Jarkvoská donated 5000,-CZK to Seline Mukoya, secondary school fees (January 2009)
Alena Jarkovská donated 5000,-CZK to Catherine Mukoya, secondary school fees (January 2009)
Tomáš Miléř added some money so Celine and Catherine received 20000,-KES each, and donated 3000,-KES to Nicholas for books, school shoes and sugar (January 2009)
(Receipt - all together 12072,-CZK = 43000,-KES)

Markéta Kulhánková donated 4000,-CZK to pay Nicholas's boarding school (December 2008).
(Receipt 4000,-CZK = 15348,-KES)

12.12.2008, Christmas party - poster. Thanks Nina Hanáková for inviting me and thanks all her friends and students at the party for listening. You collected 3500,-CZK to feed the children at the TMSC orphanage in Western Kenya
(Receipt 3500,-CZK = 12790,-KES)

30.10.2008, Fundrising at Priority cafe (Moravské náměstí 14, Brno) - poster.
Participants collected 1600,-CZK. These money were used to donate a bicycle for Benter. Thanks everybody for coming and Chris for organising this event!

Ludvík Dvořák donated 5000,-CZK for Benter. Currently she has got her second baby and she plans to take a catering course.

Chris Barickman donated 4000,-CZK to purchase a solar panel at the TMSC primary school (summer 2008).

Trees (summer 2009)

NAP 5000,- CZK
NAP 6500,- CZK
Michal Růžička 6000,- CZK
Markéta Kulhánková 4000,- CZK
Dita Majerová 6000,- CZK
Kačenka 24,- CZK
100,- CZK
Ludvík Dvořák 10000,- CZK
Richard Barickman 3000,- CZK

On-Farm Tree Project
- Planting Trees to Benefit the Environment nad People of Kenya

In order to start implementing the project (set up tree nurseries, plant trees in 30 areas, organize seminars on tree planting, promoting clay stoves and solar cookers) at least 10,000 USD is needed for the year 2009. Would you like to support the project? Please contact me (Tomáš Miléř - Indi) at or the programme director of Nadace Partnerství (Tomáš Růžička) at
MDGs for this project: Ensure environmental sustainability

Nadace patrnerství

The project proposal in English - Návrh projektu v Češtině

Embassy of The Czech Republic in Nairobi: On-Farm Tree Project

NGO's exhibition photos - Presentation of the project at the Embassy of The Czech Republic in Nairobi

INVITATION: The Czech NGOs and Development Projects Exhibition
Nairobi, from the 2nd February 2009 to 14th February 2009

Presentation of OFTP on the Czech television program, 21st January 2009:
Dobré ráno 21.12.2008


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