Old zip files of various age
[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

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[   ]gjpg_htm.zip2006-06-20 18:46 30M 
[   ]bubakov-rafpgm.zip2006-06-20 18:44 302M 
[   ]protez2-raf.zip2006-06-20 18:34 373M 
[   ]protez2.zip2006-06-20 18:26 487M 
[   ]protez1-rafpgm.zip2006-06-20 18:18 380M 
[   ]protez1.zip2006-06-20 18:13 775M 
[   ]javor.zip2006-06-20 18:07 602M 
[   ]javor-rafpgm.zip2006-06-20 18:00 283M 
[   ]v1.22.zip2006-06-20 14:21 818M 
[   ]jpg.zip2006-05-09 13:15 1.4M 

Those beginning with a directory name are to be unzipped in the corresponding directory, those without it (djpg* and jpg*) in the main directory. Together, they shoud offer you a local copy of the Report.

A standard reader does not need the original *.raf image files, nor the *.pgm made from them. Shorter zip files, without these two types of files, are available here. A better possibility is to use a comprehensive all-reader.zip, one directory up (full contents of bubakov subdirectory is missing there however, this is still worked on, so please use bubakov-rafpgm.zip meanwhile instead).