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An overview of ground illuminance distribution as produced by luminaires by Philips in Hostetin. The file all_5.htm shows a photometric thumbnail overview for all of them when put 5 pole heights apart. Clicking on any thumbnail opens a larger image.

The most interesting part of this directory is the documentation, how an added screen inside the luminaire might help its function, adaptation.htm

Specific illuminances are coded logarithmically by colours. Each colour comprises one decadic order, shades within the colour are 0.5 mag each (so five shade steps are 2.5 mag, what corresponds to ratio of 1:10).

illuminance scale

Values below the scale are illuminance / 1 lx. This is for (unrealistic) “unit” case that luminaires would have lamps producing 1 klm only, would be point-like and just 1 m over the terrain. Amore realistic case would be lamps producing 10 klm each and being 10 m over the terrain: then the illuminances would be just 10× less.

The colour overview has been created using a Jan 2007 version of ies2tab.