Harmony Development Group

Harmony Development Group is registered with the office of the District Gender & Social Development Officer (DGSDO) as a Self-Help Group/Project. The association is non-profit and non political. Its mission is to promote sustainable living in harmony with nature.

The group consists of four sections:
– Energy efficiency
– Agroforestry
– Soil improvemet
– Water purification

The Objectives

– To assist the members and the larger community become aware of the issues on Climate change and to adapt and mitigate its effect on their livelihoods.

– To enable the members recognize the need to adopt to renewable energy sources and effectively utilize those sources.

– To enhance the members and the community at large to engage in production and utilization of improved cook stoves.

– To support the members and the community engage in the improvement of environment by practicing Agroforestry and other soil improving technologies.


The Association's office is located at Kakoyi corner market, Lwanda sub-location, Chesero location, Kakamega North district of Western Province in Kenya.

Kakamega location

Kakoyi corner office location