ies2tab programme: photometric properties of luminaires

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Tools handling photometric files in the *.ies and Eulumdat formats (giving luminous intensities for luminaires), offering their mutual conversion, human-readable outputs and the relevant light-pollution quantities.

The main product is the ies2tab programme – there is a source (for the whole package of my programmes and the needed units, see ies2tab.pas and the binaries for linuxPCs (ies2tab) and DOS-likePCs (ies2tab.exe). Since 2007, it can be used online as well, for single photometric files whose URL is given

A couple of unix scripts, easy to adapt to DOS run the programme to get an overview of all *.ies files in a directory.

Some results for a couple of different producers and data for the FCO&FS luminaires are included, if such have been found among the available *.ies. The tables (mostly just within zip files) give the “cd/klm'' values for the luminaires. I suppose to write a tab2ies programme as well, for backward conversion to ies format.

I will gladly add another producer's data (summaries, tables or even the original ies files) if I come across them or if you will send them (or their URL to me).

The summary data contain some info on an illumination of a rather arbitrary rectangle. This is no more than a sort of light distribution information, not considering if the luminaire is meant to illuminate such an area. Illuminance values computed for a single luminaire (instead for a system of them) mean little for real outdoor scenes (some luminaires are even no outdoor ones).

The accuracy is much below the last given cipher, due to the discrete form of input data.

Jenik Hollan, hollan on ped. muni. cz

PS. for some data, as those from the General Electric, commas within the *.ies have to be changed to blanks at first for the ies2tab to work, ies2bla does it for whole directory, some scripts ensure that using a temporary directory.

PPS. for the changes and errata, read changelog.txt, for an article on the programme and its use, read a draft article (still unpublished elsewhere). The Pascal units used by the programme are within the subdirectory pascal_sources.