The first large aurora over Europe in 2005
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Images made when the sky cleared, toward the end of the ``European'' aurora on Jan 21, 2005. I took them from the roof of our Nicholas Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno. For the huge red displays just after eight o'clock I had no camera (and informed the Czech Press Agency etc. instead of making images).

The times given in the *.txt files are CET, i.e., UTC-1h.

The original jpegs contain show ``hot pixels'' as false stars. Within directory denoised they are shown with ``dark frames'' subtracted (even if it's near to a nonsense to subtract jpegs instead of raw images, the false stars change from bright to dark, what is perhaps an advantage).

Directory half contains 1024-sized images instead of 2048 ones. File contains both these two subdirectories.

Directory 800 contains 800x600 sized images and a zip containing them.

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