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Anti-Reflective Glass and Acrylic for Preservation Framing.
A text by Hugh Phibbs from May 2003. ( (html version is here)
Anti Reflective Glass, Dichroic, Wafer, Tempered, Glass Coating And Tubing
Abrisa is a glass, tubing and coatings manufacturer of technical industrial glass. Coatings include anti reflective, non glare, glass wafer, first and front surface mirror, hot and cold mirror, dichroic and conductive ITO coatings
Optical Coatings | Home
ACO Optical Coatings: manufacturer of thin film optical coatings, specializing in flat panel coated glass for display protection, anti-reflection, U/V, I/R, split beam and touch screens.
Edmund Optics tech sup
Edmund Industrial Optics (EO) has been a leading supplier of optics and optical components since 1942, designing and manufacturing a wide array of multi-element lenses, lens coatings, imaging systems, and opto-mechanical equipment. EO is application-focused and pursues new ways to implement optical technology, enabling advancements in semiconductor manufacturing, industrial metrology, and medical instrumentation. Our staff and facilities span the US, Europe, Japan, Singapore and China. EO’s skilled optical engineers design precision products for use in research, test & measurement applications, and for the automation of manufacturing processes.
Edmund Optics - Tech Spec's High Efficiency Anti-Reflection Coated Windows
Performance of Antireflection Glazings in Windows
(Mr. Joakim Karlsson, Uppsala University, Dr. Björn Karlsson, Vattenfall Utveckling AB, Dr. Arne Roos, Uppsala University)
Preparation and Optical Characterisation of Antireflection Coatings and Reflector Materials for Solar Energy Systems
(thesis of Per Nostell)
133N - Antireflektive Oberflächen durch Nanostruktur (for acrylic...)
MST Aerospace GmbH
Entspiegelung Solarröhre
(the links are dead, unfortunately)
Merck KGaA - Sol-Gel Materials for Low Refractive Coatings
Antireflection coatings on low-iron glass, for solar collectors and, hopefully, luminaire lenses
SCHOTT AG - - Architektur - deutsch - Produkte - Entspiegeltes Glas - Index
Schott ist ein führender internationaler Technologiekonzern auf Basis von Spezialgläsern. Siehe "Lieferprogramm" an der jeweilige Glasseite (z.B.
SCHOTT AG - - Architecture - English - Products - Antireflecting glass - Index
Schott is a leading international technology-driven concern whose base product is special glass. Click especially on Product Range at the bottom of any of the pages for Amiran, Mirogard or Conturan (e.g.,, ).
Benefit of Using Antireflective Glazing in Solar and Architectural Applications by Thomas Hofmann, Flabeg Solarglas GmbH & Co. KG; Monika Kursawe, Merck KGaA
web service for glass industry professionals, consisting of technical articles, conference papers, glass industry company information, etc.
CentroSolar Glas GmbH & Co. KG
See pdf files Prospect Centrosolar Glas and Product Data and Technical Information. The basic html with an overview of products is here. The proper glass for luminaires is evidently CENTROSOL HiT C+ (TE ≥ 97%), ultra-transparentes Solarglas, Oberfläche: beidseitig glatt.
Antireflex, Glas, Antireflexglas, Solarenergie... (producing 2 million m2 per year, by etching rather than sol-gel dip process).