A series of images from the EnergieSparMesse 2002

Is available in several sizes: with small images (0.4 MB), with larger images (2 MB) or with images ...x768 size (12 MB ). From each alternative, clicking on the image will bring the next larger size.

Another option is to load just the thumbnails overview (just 0.2 MB), going to image sizes around 30 KB, around 0.3 MB (...x768) or around 0.6 MB (1600x1200 or vice versa).

A mere directory listing original images (0.5 to 0.8 MB each) is available in the directory fullsize.

The tree of images has been created by the original set of *.jpg file by a unix script fts and three other ones, see a directory scripts. A zipped archive of the tree without the original files has been made by ziptree script, all_tree.zip (14 MB).

Brno, April 12, 2002, Jeník Hollan, hollan@ped.muni.cz (english / deutsch / hrvatski / česky, raději než ,,cesky``)