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[   ]rtf2pdf2002-02-21 18:22 1.2K 
[   ]vlnka22002-02-07 12:53 61Kadding hardspaces
[   ]vlnka2.exe2002-02-07 12:55 4.8Kadding hardspaces
[TXT]vlnka2.pas2002-02-07 12:55 8.5Kadding hardspaces
[   ]w2i2002-02-08 12:12 1.8K*.doc to *.htm script
[   ]w2i12002-04-08 13:46 1.0K*.doc to *.htm script

w2i is a unix script to convert M$word files to a clean-code html ones
 (however, still with lack of reasonable tags)

rtf2pdf is another script, for getting a pdf from a Czech rtf 
vlnka2 is my adaptation of a CSTUG standard programme 
 (the file without extension is a linux binary)

jenik hollan