Polar mesospheric clouds (noctilucent clouds) as photographed from Brno Observatory or from Pec (seeing the highest tops of Giant Mountains).
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The 2007 zip files are sequences of images taken each minute. If viewed in zgv, with brightness set as needed, evolution of NLCs is apparent, as well as their changing contrast due to the Sun. The image of Krkonose ridge and the sky above had been made more visible by
 convert 0336.jpeg -gamma 2.3 -quality 70 070714pec0336.jpg

The Krkonose (Riesengebirge, Giant Mountains) images have been downloaded from Pec webcam.

The oldest images from our Observatory's webcam had been rather bad, esp. the morning ones. For the last part of the evening ones, the exposure time had been set to 1 s, otherwise the camera choose its settings itself. The azimuth of the image had been about -10 degrees. For a detailed view of the clouds, which were more apparent further west, see the 070714brno subdirectory (including a noisy imaging photometry of the scene).

Some other catchings in 2007 are present, and a new one from July 2, 2008. Actual night views of northern horizon are in the tmp subdirectory. Before midnight, the view is centered at north, spanning -55 to 55 degrees in azimuth. After midnight, the panorama is shifted 21 degrees further right. Complete panoramas appear at “quater to” at night and each quarter an hour otherwise. Actual panorama thumbnail is available at http://amper.ped.muni.cz/weather as well.

Jenik Hollan, N. Copernicus Observatory and Planetarium in Brno, after seeing NLC for the first time in his life July 13/14, 2007... and updating the info on July 2008 (more images have been acquired during summer 2007 and on 2008-07-02 in the morning).

(Daytime videos added on Jul 9, 2009, see avi. Nighttime exposures were bad from April 26 till July 3.)

PS. Images and reports from experienced observers see at http://ukazy.astro.cz/prirustky.php (in Czech/Slovak, with more text here) and, of course, at Allgemeines Forum of http://www.meteoros.de/php/index.php.