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Re: Maximum levels of intrusive lighting


0.1 lx is the most generous limit for illuminance of bedroom windows at
night which should be considered at all, as a compromise. Even that is too
much for at least one fifth of the population. See p. 2 of our Graz 2004


Allowing anything like 1 lx or even more is a sheer nonsense. Darkness and
silence are really needed for most people to sleep well. Of course, it
means not just no billboard lighting, no direct lihgt from luminaires, but
even just really faint light onto the pavement during the time many people
sleep or would like to sleep. This should have clearly a precedence above
thoughts that large illuminances are needed at streets at night (for whose
good? aren't the sleepers, local residents, more numerous than people
moving in the street late at night?).

Lack of good sleep is such a serious issue, that lighting habits are to

Otherwise, these things are also discussed in the Bled paper by Barry