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      1. File - AccountReactivation.txt
           From: DarkSky-list
      2. File - SplitLink.txt
           From: DarkSky-list
      3. Czech Report 2005
           From: Jan Hollan <jhollan@amper....muni.cz>
      4. RE: Czech Report 2005
           From: "Friedel Pas" <friedel.pas@bvpartners...>
      5. Re: Czech Report 2005
           From: Jan Hollan <jhollan@amper....muni.cz>


Message: 1         
   Date: 1 Feb 2006 11:10:51 -0000
   From: DarkSky-list
Subject: File - AccountReactivation.txt

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   Date: 1 Feb 2006 11:10:51 -0000
   From: DarkSky-list
Subject: File - SplitLink.txt

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Message: 3         
   Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 18:52:04 +0100 (CET)
   From: Jan Hollan <jhollan@amper....muni.cz>
Subject: Czech Report 2005


here is my report for 2004 and 2005:

You should be able to input html version even to M$word, e.g. by writing a
  winword 2005report.html

I didn't read it after writing it, just checked the URLs. It's my bad
English, but hopefully can be understood. In fact, I devoted myself to get
the contents of some directories (like that with London photometry) into
a usable shape, so that the Report might become useful for the readers.
Writing the Report had been a good opportunity go finish some old tasks.

It's an open document (if I will edit it, I'll change the date and put the
today's text in an ``old'' subdirectory, so this version will remain the
official text submitted before the end of January), I'll correct it if
errors will be found.



Message: 4         
   Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 23:56:11 +0100
   From: "Friedel Pas" <friedel.pas@bvpartners...>
Subject: RE: Czech Report 2005

Greenhouse ligthing is also a big problem in our regions. More and more
greenhouses are lighted. Not only for have more tomatoes productions,
but also for other vegetables or for flowers. Sometimes to have some
specific flowers just at a specific date. It is increasing in Flanders.
In the Netherlands the problem is even more worst. They estimate that
60% of the light going the sky is produced by greenhouses in the
Netherlands. Last estimations of Flanders is about 40% but I'm not sure
this last estimation was done in the right way. We still have to
evaluate that calculation method but I think it has to be less then the

So it is an important issue. With the lighting of one greenhouse you can
illuminate a big number of kilometers of high way!

Their exists sollutions for that by a kind of screens. The most used
screens are energy screens with reducing lighting outside the greenhouse
with 85%. This type of screens reduce the energy cost for the warming of
the greenhouse also with 10% to 40%. They can be used in combination
with screens for avoiding light pollution that is blocking more then 95%
of the lighting. This has not mutch energy benefits. I did not know
about calculations about reduction in wattages by reflecting the light
back to the greenhouse, but it seems not to be the big difference in the
cost. In Flanders the Flemish government pay back 40% of the investment
cost of the screens. This in the view of promoting energy saving
methods. In the Netherlands they are not allowed to use the lighting
between 20.00 ours and midnight to reduce nuicance for the environment.
(they think that it not matter after midnight because poeple has to
sleep then already). They are also obligated to use screens at the sides
of the greenhouse, not in the direction of the sky.

Their are also problems with this method. It is not working for all kind
of plants in the greenhouse. Using screens can make it for some of them
very difficult to regulate the climate in the greenhouse in the correct
way. Currently in the Netherlands and some small in Flanders also are
studies running to solv the problem. We did also some sugestions that
are currently in evaluation. In the Netherlands their is a goal signed
by the environmental associations and greenhouse industry to try to
forseen every where screens for reducing lighting outside the greenhouse
with 95% to 2008 depending from the results of the studies to find
sollutions for regulating the climate in a proper way.

In Flanders is done a study of best available practices for reducing
environmental impact of greenhouses. Also the lighting stuff is covered
their. The sollution of the screens is also studied. In such a study is
also looked to the economic posibility of the method. Obstructing light
from the greenhouses by screens with 95% was defined as economic not
possible for a industry currently have a lot of problems (high energy
cost, low prices for the products...). In combination with the energy
screens also obstructing lighting for 85% together with the 95% screens,
and the subsidizing for the investment of the government, the
installation is a good sollution for a lot of applications and also
economical possible.
Their was done a strong recomandation to the government to promote and
eventualy obligate the use of this combination on places where technical

On exibitions we did about light pollution we has also talks with some
greenhouse farmers. Some of them installed the screens. The reasons why
they installed were energy savings and sometimes reducing light
pollution. A few specified also an other reason. Against thefs. The
lighting installations is offen stolen. Mostly by criminals setting up
canabis plantages. Reducing the number of lighting going outside the
greenhouse has also a lower stolen instalations as a result because the
thefs not so easy notify the installations then when not using the


Friedel Pas
Preventie Lichthinder vzw
BTW BE-869.570.554
Rek.nr. 733-0234822-15
Gallifortlei 114
2100 Deurne
Tel.: +32-474-50.17.95
e-mail: friedel.pas@lichthinder...
website: http://www.preventielichthinder.be


-----Original Message-----
From: DarkSky-list@yahoogroups... [mailto:DarkSky-list@yahoogroups...]
On Behalf Of Jim & Mary Ronback

Your report is a very valuable source of ammunition to combat light 
pollution. Thank you!


Message: 5         
   Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 17:51:59 +0100 (CET)
   From: Jan Hollan <jhollan@amper....muni.cz>
Subject: Re: Czech Report 2005

> On page 5 sec 3.2 National Park at Night Research
> 4th paragraph - Delete "milli" in all instances of "millicandela" and
> "millinit" in order to be consistent with the comparison to twice the
> sky luminance of 0.5 cd/m^2.
> page 6 sec 3.3 Tolerable ski slope lighting
> 3rd paragraph - Replace all instances "luminance" with "illuminance" to
> be consistent with the first sentence,  assuming that lux units are only
> intended to be associated with illuminance.

Jim, thanks for alerting me.

The first problem solution was easy, just correcting the first value, it
should read 0.5 mcd/m2. Milli- is OK further on.

As for the second confusion, I tried to clarify it by adding the
illuminance/luminance conversion to the text. Searching for realistic
conversion for roads, I've arrived at the Leon 2005 meeting papers,
www.ceisp.com/simposium/sleon05.htm. These cover many topics, one of them
studied an effect of blue evening imissions to the eyes of old people (and
demonstrated a nice humanisation of their environment achieved by replacing
night fluorescent lighting with an amber LED one, sensor-controlled) --
just search ``sleep'' within the page.

The updated report is again http://amper.ped.muni.cz/light/ida/ and the
outdated one is within a subdirectory (Barry Clark was so kind to reveal
me the truth about nits today, just after that I looked into a dictionary,
there is a footnote on that now in the Report, I won't insist on using
this designation in English texts written for native readers any more).

> If  lovers of the dark night sky want to preserve it, then they should
> start defending it, by taking measurements of the horizon as well as the
> sky overhead.. All these measurements are needed to show how the beauty
> of the night is being gradually lost to our future generations, if no
> action is taken. There is a database set up by Unihedron.com to record
> results from around the world. It should be augmented with sky pollution
> measurements as well. Eventually I would like to see the lighting
> regulations / ordinances / bylaws all around Canada and elsewhere, add
> measurable limits on obtrusive light sources at a distance as well. Any
> suggestions?

Any raw-format-capable camera can do the job too, with current versions
of dcraw and my raw2lum. In fact, I have a lot of further images to be
processed, for some I have simultaneous SQM zenith readings. I did not
mention the lots of existing unprocessed/unpublished data in the
report... nothing inspiring to the readers.

As for the legislation, a national level, or the highest existing one, as
with other main kinds of pollution, toxic or climate-relevant, is the
proper basic one, IMHO.



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