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      1. Don't add light on Bronx River Pkwy
           From: Steve Pauley <spauley@cox-internet...>
      2. RE: Arkansas Television Report
           From: "Friedel PAS" <friedel.pas@bvpartners...>


Message: 1
   Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:44:22 -0700
   From: Steve Pauley <spauley@cox-internet...>
Subject: Don't add light on Bronx River Pkwy

My response to the article in the Journal
Steve P
>Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 09:23:58 -0700
>To: chalbfin@thejournalnews...
>From: Steve Pauley <spauley@cox-internet...>
>Subject: Don't add light on Bronx River Pkwy
>Cc: Mike Hansen <mhansen@einhornresearch...>
>Dear Ms Halbfinger,
>Re your article on lack of lights along the
>Bronx River Pwy.
>I don't think the safety issues mentioned by one man should
>drive a column advocating lighting up the Bronx River
>Pkwy.  Bad habits die hard, and lighting up the night
>is a 130 year old bad habit.
>Two Congressional studies (1979 & 1997) said
>that adding more light does not reduce crime.  Regarding
>traffic accidents, you'd need to check with the hwy. dept.
>and get the numbers.  My guess is that accidents are no higher
>without the street lights.
>The human eye works just fine in low light levels
>and when not insulted by glare street lighting.
>Headlights bouncing off signs, reflective paints and embedded
>reflectors work fine.  Caltrans uses reflectors and no
>freeway lights at all on large sections of the San Diego Fwy
>except for on ramps and off ramps, and those lights are called
>"full cutoff", the non glare type that shine light onto the
>pavement only, and not sideways or upwards where they create
>light pollution (light trespass, glare, sky glow and energy waste).
>If the park has walkways, the walks should be lit with low wattage,
>full cutoff walkway lights designed to show the way, not
>light up the whole park.  Remember that the bad guys hide easily
>in shadows created by glare lighting.  The human eye
>can see into the darker areas beyond good, full cutoff lights.
>The eye can not do that when insulted by glare lights.
>Human health and the health of ecosystems are also
>negatively affected by exposure to light at night (LAN).
>Deciduous trees will hold onto their leaves when situated
>close to high intensity discharge (HID) street lights.  All
>animals, humans included, need to sleep in darkness.
>Open eyed humans exposed to LAN in the early morning hours
>(2-4 AM) will suppress their production of melatonin (MLT)
>and MLT is a protective hormone linked to our circadian
>rhythms - important to human physiology.  Shift workers have
>higher incidences of breast and colorectal cancers.  Rat
>and LAN studies reveal that MLT suppression causes
>cancers to grow faster than if rats are left in darkness at night.
>Rats are nocturnal and even nocturnal animals have a normal MLT
>spike in the early morning hours that is suppressed by LAN.
>We are born into a world of too much night lighting and we
>don't give it much thought.  Remember that our eyes evolved
>for millions of years to see in low light levels. It has only
>been since 1879 and Edison's light bulb that we (really the
>lighting industry preying upon human fears) decided to
>turn night into day - a bad decision for human health and
>bad for the health of our ecosystems.
>To learn more, please visit http://www.darksky.org.
>and http://members.aol.com/ctstarwchr/
>Stephen M Pauley MD
>Ketchum, ID


Message: 2
   Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 12:58:23 +0100
   From: "Friedel PAS" <friedel.pas@bvpartners...>
Subject: RE: Arkansas Television Report

That is true when:
- there is enough people still on the street that can do the surveillance.
Or when there is enough social control
- when this people on the street has enough citizen responsibility and not
just laugh and look in an other direction.

When one of this factors is not there, you got the other side effect because
the criminal can easy and fast doing what he want to do without been
noticed. He just wait until there is nobody to see and in less then a minute
it is mostly fixed.


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From: Mike Hansen [mailto:mhansen@einhornresearch...]
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Subject: [DSLF] Arkansas Television Report

According to a report from an Arkansas television station, street
lighting reduces crime.

The report quotes a Springdale, Arkansas police officer as saying that
"studies show anywhere from 12% on up to 50%" reductions in crime that
occurs. He goes on to explain that "the presence of lights in a
neighborhood increases the natural surveillance of the area."

The full story and quotes are available at:



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