What I have done to produce maps for 2015?

All-sky maps

First, I have edited the file allsky.sh from its 2014 version. It included writing the dates for 2015 (some 10 days earlier, and some new ones). Then I've automated the creation of monthly directories, both those with names and those hidden ".##-##" symlinked to them, easier to work with.

I've also put a set of comments to the beginning of the script.

That script produced the basic set of all-sky maps.

Then I had to solve the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and Regulus in July, adapting the allsky.sh to Jul-JupReg.sh. So the July all-sky maps were corrected. The script latPDFsetA.sh from 2014 have been edited by manually writing dates for 2015 into it. Runing it created the latitudes directory with all-sky sets for each latitude.

Detailed maps

I started with Bootes in July. That took a lot of editing the usual all.sh, to avoid mess in displayed strings. The final all_Edited.sh contains also a set of comments at the beginning.

Also, I've changed the name of the LaTeX template for a description of each set of 8 maps, from 20t.tex to To_Edit.tex and included initial comments to it.

Next Bootes, in June, has a YYYY-MM-DD string in To_Edit.tex and the script all*.sh is changed by inputing the date in the ISO format and producing dd.mm.yyyy from it, avoiding the need to write the date into To_Edit.tex manually. So for the same central star, this LaTeX file serves to any date.

Running Orion for January, I've found the meaning of T string variable within commands producing sets for single latitudes -- that string will become right-aligned instead of left-aligned. May be used to put fixed star name left from the star, no need to write such if-then-fi sequence below the map_bsct command. Orion differs by having the same vertical radius for all maps, 25 degrees.

Crux differs by having just 16.5 degrees vertical radius, Leo is again two-sized set.

Starting with Scorpius, I've added a constant TC and a variable TL, to shift planet strings easily to the right from the planet symbol (valid also for Toliman string, which is default left from Toliman, to not interfere with beta Cen). Just final zip files and constell directory content is missing now

Then I've edited the *.sh for creating latitude sets in directory latitudes, and constellation-latitude sets and symlinks to date/constell/all.pdf in directory constell.

Finally, all date directories were zipped into all_dates.zip by zipall.sh