Star charts for GLOBE at Night 2012

All maps are for 21 h local mean time of the given date. Local time is different from the ‘civic’ time, if your longitude is different from that of the standard meridian for that time band. Being 10° westwards means your local time is 40 min lower. And during SummerTime, the local mean time is another 1 h less. The local sidereal times of the maps are, therefore, Jan18 - 4:51, Feb16 - 6:45, Mar17 - 8:43, Apr15 - 10:38. If you observe at another local sidereal times, you may use the 2011 maps (even if the planets were elsewhere that year and the maps for more turbid air were not made for that year). They are Feb23 - 7:14, Mar2 - 7:41, Mar23 - 9:04, Mar30 - 9:32, Apr6 - 9:59. (The local sidereal time is almost 4 min larger each further day, at the same local mean time.)

Capital A within a name of the chart indicates an all-sky map. Such maps don't contain stars being fainter than 5.50 mag. For fainter stars visible on less polluted sky, please use the detailed maps of Orion, Leo or Crux regions.
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Maps have been computed for two alternative transparencies of the atmosphere, as expressed by the so-called extinction of starlight in zenith. For an atmosphere with little haze, corresponding to zenith extinction of 0.25 mag, and for a more hazy air, with zenith extiction of 0.40 mag.

Especially when the observed part of the sky is far from zenith, a proper choice of either a ‘25 cmag’ or a ‘40 cmag’ set of maps is important.

Jan Hollan