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    Welcome on Amper

Amper serves mainly to education in physics and to its application in daily life, mainly in environmental problems. Global warming is at the top of them.

The computer offers a series of discussion groups. You can contribute there by e-mail (with no attachments, even with no html-version of your message, give URL instead) and view their www-archives by browsers: http://amper.ped.muni.cz/mailman/listinfo.
Just a couple of our lists is in English: the more you are welcome to sign in. The easiest way is by a browser, but e-mail works too when sent to an address with ``-request'' added, e.g., to
with a subject or a simple message body:

There are some worldwide interesting documents residing at this server, as e.g. the page on Outdoor lighting and crime.

Some users have of course their home pages on Amper.