(pro české čtenáře / in Czech : README.cz.html)

Official Czech translations of the four Summaries for Policymakers from AR4 as issued in 2007/2008 and translations of some other IPCC documents: Glossary from SYR (hypertext versions, even in English), Climate Change and Water (summary, 2008), and SPM of SREX (2012).

A commentary on IPCC from RealClimate added in 2010. Additional comments present in this directory are working remarks by Jan Hollan regarding The Physical Science Basis.

2008 and later,

2007 chronology:

Nov 27, a working version of a translation of the existing English version of Synthesis Report SPM has been added, Nov 30 updated to the un-edited version prepared for COP-13, Dec 4 all figures included, Dec 23 all figures are in Czech. (for their source files see subdirectory syr/figures).

Dec 10, a hypertext version of the Glossary from Synthesis report has been added (from a html as produced by google from Dec 10 version of ar4_syr_appendix.pdf). 2008,


Jan 11, a bilingual version draft of the Glossary (Czech by Jiří Došek) added (Feb 17 replaced by a near-to-final version), Jan 14 Topic 6 from Synthesis report translation (Czech draft by Alexander Ač, edited version Oct 7). A bilingual Glossary as well as a Czech one added Feb/March.

Oct 9, SPM from the Climate Change and Water added.

Figures in Czech for all 4 SPMs are available in wg1, wg2 wg3 and syr directories, even as editable vector *.ai and *.pdf files, thanks to the source files provided by these WGs.

(The source *.odt or *.doc in Czech may be obtained from hollan at ped.muni.cz)

Remark on expressing units and quantities

The AR4 deals with this task in a rather loose manner, what may occasionally make complicate the understanding. Czech translations try to adhere a bit more (even if not fully) to the recommended rules as published within SP811, see NIST: PDFs Available, http://physics.nist.gov/Pubs/pdf.html. For a quick introduction, read the checklist, at pages v and vi.