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Jan Hollan Mon Jun 9 08:18:13 CEST 2008

kdo to uziva, ten second life, ma to snadne... a jini se mohou naucit, zkusim
to tez.

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Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 01:58:14 +0200
From: Friedel Pas <friedel.pas , scarlet.be>
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Subject: [magnitude6] Follow the 20th IDA aniversary conference from your

Dear all,

Especially for those living not in the USA, Tucson is difficult and expensive to
travel too. That make it difficult to participating the conference.
At the other hand, the information and lectures given there are very interesting
for all those involved as a Darksky advocate. It is pity when not able to follow
this interesting lectures.

For this reason there is worked out a solution with IDA, IDA Europe and
MetaPartners (www.metapartners.be) to follow the meeting from your home.

There is created a conference room in Second Life virtual world. The
presentation given in the conference room in Tucson can also been viewed in this
virtual room. Also the sound of the speaker will be broadcasted to this virtual
room. You will have a possibility to ask the speaker questions too. So it like
that you participate the real meeting from your home in a virtual world, without
to make high expenses.

For those who have not already an avatar on Second Life need to create one
before. This can be done for free. You have to go to http://www.secondlife.com
Take the button "Join Second Life" or "Get Started". You chose a name from a
list and can chose as first name what you want. It is important to define your
correct personal information. That will be only used to verify you as the
correct user when you forgot your password or want to have some support.
You need to download the client software from
http://secondlife.com/community/downloads.php and installing it. This will be
the viewer used to go on Second Life.
You need also to install a recent version of QuickTime witch you can download
also for free from www.quicktime.com.

For as well the new avatars as those who are already longer using it, please be
concern during the sessions from the following properties:
- Skype Users need to switch off there Skype program.
- In the preferences (ctrl-p) you need to go the 'voice chat' tab and check on
the option 'enable voice chat'. Please check also the configuration by clicking
on the 'Device Button' and 'Voice Chat Setup'.

When you want to attend the meeting in Second Life, please send also a message
to Europe , darksky.org and fwaumans , metapartners.be and inform us about your
avatar name. We will send you then an invitation for the meeting so you just
have to click on the Teleport button to teleport to the correct location.
The meeting location of the IDA office in Second Life can you find at the
following URL:

When you have further questions or You need more info about how to communicate
and move on SL, don't hesitate to contact us again on the above e-mail
addresses. Online you can meet us as Friedel Pastorelli, Frans Tomson or
Christam Flyer.

When you have questions about the presentation for the speaker, you can do that
by sending an instant message to the avatar Darksky Skytower. There will be a
screen in the conference room with instructions how to ask questions.

We are not able to broadcast all the sessions. All the sessions in the main
conference room in Tucson will be also broadcasted in Second Life office. You
can find the program below. All the hours are mentioned first in Universal Time,
and then in the local time in Tucson. You can use the link
http://www.timeanddate.com to check the difference between your local time and
an other time zone.

Program off Monday, June 9:

15:15-15:25 UTC/8:15-8:25 MST: Welcome/Opening Remarks
Speaker: Elizabeth Hospodarsky, IDA Interim Executive Director and David L.
Crawford, IDA Co-founder

15:25-15:35 UTC/8:15-8:25 MST: Session Introduction – Lighting Technologies
Moderator: Reginald Wilson, (FIES) Lighting Analysis and Design, Turramurra,

15:35-16:35 UTC/8:35–9:35 MST: Technology Keynote
Speaker: Dr. George Craford, Chief Technology Officer, Philips Lumileds, San
Jose, California, USA

16:35-17:00 UTC/9:35–10:00 MST: Utilities and their Perspective on Emerging
Outdoor Lighting Technologies
Speaker: Mary Matteson Bryan, P.E., Pacific Gas & Electric Company Emerging
Technologies Lighting Portfolio Manager, San Francisco, California, USA

17:00-17:25 UTC/10:00–10:25 MST: Energy-Efficient Advancements in Sports
Speaker: Bradley D. Schlesseman, LC, Musco, Muskaloosa, Iowa, USA

17:40-18:05 UTC/10:40–11:05 MST: Occupancy Sensors, Energy Efficiency, and Dark
Speaker: Dr. Michael Siminovitch, Director, California Lighting Technology
Center, Davis, California, USA

18:05-18:30 UTC/11:05–11:30 MST: Canopy Lighting for the Future
Speaker: Michael A. Boyd, LSI Industries, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

18:30-18:55 UTC/11:30–11:55 MST: HID Lamps and Dark Sky Friendly Technology
Speaker: Bill Hein, Vice President Product Development and Technology,
Visionaire Lighting, Rancho Dominguez, California, USA

18:55-19:05 UTC/11:55–12:05 MST: Introduction to Towards Understanding Skyglow
Speaker: Dr. Chris Baddiley, British Astronomical Association Campaign for Dark
Skies, Malvern, United Kingdom

22:00-22:05 UTC/15:00–15:05 MST: Session Introduction – Satellite Readings and
Moderator: J. Kelly Beatty, Executive Editor, Sky & Telescope, Cambridge,
Massachusetts, USA

22:05-22:30 UTC/15:05-15:30 MST: The Nightsat Mission Concept
Speaker: Dr. Chris Elvidge, Director, National Geophysical Data Center Earth
Observation Group, Boulder, Colorado, USA

22:30-22:55 UTC/15:30-15:55 MST: The World At Night Photo Gallery
Speaker: Mike Simmons, Founder and President, Astronomers Without Borders, Los
Angeles, California, USA

22:55-23:20 UTC/15:55-16:20 MST: Confronting Light Pollution
Speaker: John Jardine Goss, Secretary, Astronomical League, Roanoke, Virginia,

23:20-00:00 UTC/16:20-17:00 MST: Astronomy Keynote
Speaker: Timothy Ferris, Science Writer, San Francisco, California, USA

00:10-01:00 UTC/17:10-18:00 MST: Screening
Seeing in the Dark (HD Pending, not for sure that this session will be also

Program off Tuesday, June 10:

15:45-16:00 UTC/8:45–9:00 MST: Session Introduction – Safety and Security
Moderator: Nancy Clanton, P.E., Founder and President of Clanton & Associates,
Boulder, Colorado, USA

16:00-16:45 UTC/9:00–9:45 MST: Improving Security Using CPTED Without Light
Speaker: Dr. Randall Atlas, A.I.A., C.P.P. Vice President, Atlas Safety &
Security Design Inc., Miami, Florida, USA

16:45-17:15 UTC/9:45-10:15 MST: Safe Skies v. Dark Skies – Can We Have Both?
Speaker: Melissa McCarthy, General Manager, OCAS, Inc., Vienna, Virginia, USA

17:15-17:45 UTC/10:15-10:45 MST: Securing the Border in the Southwest
Speaker: John Fitzpatrick, Deputy Chief Patrol Agent, Tucson, Arizona, USA

18:00-18:05 UTC/11:00-11:05 MST: Session Introduction – Community Involvement
Moderator: Leo Smith, IDA Northeast Regional Chair, Suffield, Connecticut, USA

18:05-18:30 UTC/11:05-11:30 MST: City of Ann Arbor LED Retrofit
Speaker: Mike Bergren, Assistant Field Operations Manager, Ann Arbor, Michigan,
Bob Hahn, General Manager, Lumecon, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA; Peter
Hochstein, Founder and Chairman, Relume Technologies, Oxford, Michigan, USA

21:15-21:45 UTC/14:15-14:45 MST: Light Pollution in the Shining Star of the
iSpeaker: Olga M. Ramos, GIS Analyst, USDA Forest Service, San Juan,
Puerto Rico

21:45-22:15 UTC/14:45-15:15 MST: Survey Results on Lighting Disturbances
Speaker: Martin Morgan-Taylor, Principal Lecturer, DeMontfort University,
Leicester, United Kingdom

22:15-22:45 UTC/15:15-15:45 MST: Lights Out!
Speaker: Nathan Tyler, Founder, Lights Out San Francisco, San Francisco,
California, USA

23:00-23:30 UTC/16:00-16:30 MST: The Narrative of the Night
Speaker: Dr. Paul Bogard, Professor, Northland College, Ashland, Wisconsin, USA

23:30-00:30 UTC/16:30-17:30 MST: Closing Tuesday Evening Keynote
Speaker: Dr. Rubin Naiman, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Program in
Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona and Director of Sleep Programs,
Miraval Resort, Tucson, Arizona, USA

I hope that everybody will enjoy this online possibility to participate the

This was not possible to realize without the sponsoring and support of
MetaPartners (www.metapartners.be). This is a company specialized in offering
total concepts about second life to companies and associations. They are
currently building the office in Second Life for IDA in a sponsored way and
provide some persons online during this event. We are very grateful in this
support of MetaPartners and there support to Dark Skies in such a way.

Friedel Pas
European Liaison Officer
International Dark-Sky Association
Aarschotsebaan 29
B-3191 Hever
Tel.: +32-474-50.17.95
e-mail: europe , darksky.org
website: http://www.darksky.org

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