[Svetlo] a film on darkness

Jan Hollan jhollan na amper.ped.muni.cz
Pondělí Říjen 17 20:44:24 CEST 2011

Dear friends,

may I offer you a film composed from various views on light and darkness. It 
got a lot of attention worldwide on festivals, in Osnabrück on European media 
art festivals it got a Newcomer Award. The part concerning light as a 
pollutant (and a mad "luxury" we selfishly "pay for" by damaged climate 
for all future generations) was narrated by me.


It can be viewed online, as a 0.4 GB *.avi or even longer DVD downloaded.

I have excellent experience starting an evening with this film and then going 
on a trip through Brno. E.g., for architects, it is an eye-opener.

The film has been embargoed before being shown on festivals.

Of course, English subtitles are not as saying as Czech speech is. But even 
they convey the message.

best regards,

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