[Svetlo] [magnitude6] Following the 9th European Symposium for protection of the Night Sky from long distance... (fwd)

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níže uvedený návod dává možnost sledovat jednání symposia pomocí
technologie secondlife. Kdo má dostatečně mocný počítač a 
patřičné připojení, nechť to zkusí.


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Date: Sat, 12 Sep 2009 02:15:52 +0200
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Subject: [magnitude6] Following the 9th European Symposium for protection of the
      Night Sky from long distance...

Dear all,

Next week on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 the 9th edition of the European Symposium
for the Protection of the Night Sky will happen. When you look at the program
you just realize that it will be outstanding interesting and you cannot miss it.
Just take a look at the symposium website and you know what I mean:

We realize that for some of you Armagh is too far to travel too to participate
to the conference. But we still want to give you the opportunity to participate
the meeting anyway.

IDA have an online Office in Second Life with a good conference room. You can
teleport to that virtual location and participating the meeting online. In this
message you find all what you need to know about how you can do. This is realize
by the support and sponsoring of MetaPartners (http://www.metapartners.be), a
specialized company in Second Life events.

Those who have not yet used the virtual world Second Life before need first to
create an avatar and have to download and install the viewer from second life on
http://www.secondlife.com. This is all for free.

All you need to attend the virtual meeting is a PC and a Second Life? avatar.

Those of you who want to attend the virtual symposium and haven't already done
so, will need to create a (free of charge) account:
- go to www.secondlife.com and hit the button "Join Second Life" or "Get
- create an account (please provide correct informations, as you will need it
later if you have forgotten your password or need any other support)
- you will receive an e-mail from Linden Lab (the owners of Second Life),
requesting you to activate your account - please do so.
- download the client software at http://secondlife.com/community/downloads.php
and install it (it is your viewer)
- download and install QuickTime (www.quicktime.com) or a QuickTime alternative

Next step (this is also important for those of you who already have an avatar)
is to "voice enable" it:
- hit "ctrl-p" which will open your preferences
- go to tab "voice chat" and check "enable voice chat"
- please also check the "device button" and "voice chat setup" options.

When you plan to attend the meeting in Second Life, please send also a message
to Europe na darksky.org and fwaumans na metapartners.be and inform us about your
avatar name. We will then send you an invitation for the meeting so that you
just have to click on the teleport button to teleport to the correct location.

The meeting location of the IDA office in Second Life can be found at the
following URL:
After you are logged in you are teleported automatic to the right location by
clicking on this link.

All the lectures in the plenary sessions will be broadcasted.

When you have a question for the speaker, just sent a instance message to
Friedel Pastorelli avatar in the room. During the Q&A of the lecture your
question will be offered to the speaker for you.

You can find the program off the sessions on this URL:

The timing of the program mentioned is in IST. You can check what the correct
timing is for your location via the following site and selecting your location
and Ireland,Dublin as times to compare.


Friedel Pas
European Liaison Officer
Board of Directors
International Dark-Sky Association
Aarschotsebaan 29
B-3191 Hever
Tel.: +32-474-50.17.95
e-mail: europe na darksky.org
website: http://www.darksky.org
SecondLife: http://tinyurl.com/n8b623

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