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Jan Hollan
Fri, 22 Mar 2002 18:29:37 +0100 (CET)

Muzete na to mrknout, je to strucny a pekny clanek. Rudolf tam ma obrazek
ze serie, kterou jsme spolu na podzim 2000 fotili. Brno je tam (i leckde
jinde) zmineno jako zacinajici pozitivni priklad, doufam, ze jej to
povzbudi, aby postupovalo prikladne i dale.

V nemcine byla zverejnena jina zpravicka, viz http://www.darksky.ch 
 -- svycarska stranka ma vlevo vymluvne stridani nejvice znecistujiciho
ulicniho svitidla vubec, totiz ,,mlecne koule``, a svitidla kvalitniho,
plne cloneneho. 

zdravi jenik

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Thanks again for your help and your comments. I did make a couple of changes
based on the additional information. 

The article has been published on our site. You can link to it from our
homepage (www.astronomy.com) or you can go to it directly with this link: 

Again, congratulations! I hope more communities or even countries will
follow the Czech Republic's lead!

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the article is excellent. No changes are needed. Two explanatory comments
for you are included below. 

As far as the images of Brno lighting are concerned, I've found that the
old picture of the same scene is so bad, that I cannot use it to
demonstrate the improvement persuasively. I've just put a couple of new
images into http://amper.ped.muni.cz/light/images/brno_new/30/ (with the
fullsize images one directory up) and I'm just writing some commentary on
them, it will appear there within an hour as a html containing the images.

best regards,