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Subject: [Nelpag] Floodlighting Solution

At a recent public hearing before the state Public Utility Commission, the
subject of light trespass from floodlighting came up.

In Connecticut, and perhaps in other states too, when a business wants to
place a floodlight on a utility pole within the public right-of-way, the
business must call the power company to schedule a time for the power
company to bring out the floodlight, attach it to the pole, and wire it.

The floodlight actually is owned by the power company, and leased to the
business for a monthly fee.

The power company acknowledged at the hearing yesterday that they bear the
responsibility to ensure against light trespass and light pollution from
floodlights which they own, install and rent. The Connecticut power company
acknowledged that if they get a complaint about one of their floodlights
being unshielded and resulting in light trespass, they will correct the
problem by requiring the business to add the proper shielding. If the
business refuses to add the proper shielding, then the power company will
take down the floodlight and remove it from service.

For any state in which floodlights on utility poles are owned and rented by
the power company, filing a complaint with the power company and cc'ing the
public utility control authority would probably be most effective in
correcting those unshielded floodlights.

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