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Jan Hollan
Tue, 5 Dec 2000 19:56:27 +0100 (CET)

Připomínám (či oznamuji), že v pondělí 11. prosince se koná (v hotelu
Voroněž v Brně) významný seminář, kde přednášejí rakouští odborníci,
hlavně z Magistrátu města Vídně. Jedno z témat je věnováno i veřejnému

Nemohu momentálně najít žádnou webovou stránku s programem semináře,
vytvořím proto asi nějakou snad ještě dnes sám, z toho, co organizátor
poslal poštou. 

Příslušnému oddělení magistrátu jsem poslal prosbu, aby se na semináři
věnovali některým věcem, které jsou u nás málo známé. Uvidíme, jestli mi
vyhoví (obávám se, že jsem je mohl urazit možná příliš familiérním

Jeník Hollan

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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 10:42:24 +0100 (CET)
From: Jan Hollan <jhollanAamper....muni.cz>
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Subject: fully shielded fixtures

Sehr geehrte KollegInnen,

(weiter leider Englisch, als ich habe nur tschechische/englische Tastatur
und Deutsch gut verstehe aber schlecht schreibe... Dass heisst, die
eventuelle Antwort kann natuerlich Deutsch sein, mein Bildschirm zeigt
auch Umlauten.)

I am looking forward to your lecture at Brno seminar on December 11.-12.
When I visit Vienna from time to time, I am always pleased with some new
and better lamps. 

As a long-year member of the International Dark Sky Association, I
appreciate very much all fully shielded fixtures (a recommended name for
general use instead of more technical "full cutoff fixtures"), e.g.,
those, which have appeared on Mariahilferstrasse long ago already. More
recently I have noticed many high-quality fixtures over crossings and
parking lots.

Even the low-pressure sodium lamps over highways, in spite of not being
fully shielded, are a very good example for our country (Czech "experts"
consider low pressure sodium outdated and vanishing throughout Europe...).

I'd appreciate very much, if your lecture could aim at those fields,
mostly unknown in Czechia: 
 -- excellent geometry of outgoing light preventing glare and light
 -- low pressure sodium (for best efficiency and low glare) or even metal
halide (for really good colour rendition) lamps as recommendable
alternatives for HPS
 -- perhaps linear fluorescent tubes as another, still interesting
alternative to HPS (the IDA Lighting Code Handbook, see e.g.
mentions 10 % addition of fluorescent to LPS to get enough colour
rendering and still maintaining best efficiency)

Last, during the Hyakutake comet apparition in 1996, my friends
in Vienna said they have to wait over midnight, until half of the lamps 
goes down and the sky gets darker. Is this admirable lowering of the
illumination still in use? Again, with exception of some small villages,
Czech nighttime illumination runs full strength all the night long, in
spite of almost nobody needing it. 

Recently, I have established a national group (by the Czech Astronomical
Society) aiming at quality outdoor lighting. Most of the information is
available through http://svetlo.astro.cz (svetlo=light in Czech), but in
Czech only. My personal pages on lighting are partly bilingual (Czech and
English), see http://astro.sci.muni.cz/pub/hollan/lighting/ (as I see now,
I should add one more English caption at least for examples from Brno, so 
within some hour it will be there). I would be very pleased, if I could
add some wonderful examples from your city -- could you please send me
some images, or, still better, place them on pages of your MA33 and send
me their URL?
Yours sincerely,
Jeník Hollan

PS. Apart from light pollution prevention, I am much involved with energy
efficiency and Klimaschutz. Again, all of my educational work is in Czech.
We (means Veronica, a Brno environmental group) have excellent contacts
with ARGE EE or Umweltberatung etc. already. But for efficient,
non-polluting lighting, we had no contacts in Austria yet.

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