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In this issue:  Builders Without Borders works to rebuild sustainably after the recent earthquakes in Nepal.

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Sustainable Rebuilding in Post-Earthquake Nepal

In April and May 2015 Nepal was devastated by two earthquakes measuring 7.8 and 7.3 magnitude, resulting in over 25,000 deaths and injuries and the damage and destruction of an estimated 750,000 homes. With the passing of the monsoons and the government finalizing its reconstruction plan, the Nepali people are ready to rebuild.

Builders Without Borders (BWB) is actively promoting safe, affordable and improved ways of building that use local materials and honor Nepali culture, combining over twenty years of international experience with the deep local knowledge and experience of the Nepali people.

Seven months after the devastating earthquakes, BWB is uniquely positioned to help Nepal rebuild sustainably.

But BWB needs your support.

BWB’s team, including architect and co-director Martin Hammer, lead builder Andy Mueller, and engineer Anthony Dente, has worked intensively over recent months with the Nepali government, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), other NGOs and local communities. BWB has developed important partnerships and has completed model sustainable building plans that utilize straw, earth, bamboo and other local materials.

BWB designs are earthquake safe. Homes and public buildings such as schools and community centers must be earthquake safe, making BWB solutions critical to protecting Nepal from recurring tragedies.  These designs also demonstrate superior thermal performance, vital in a country hosting the highest mountain peaks in the world.  BWB's strategy supports cost-effective self-help by training local people to rebuild for themselves.

Funding is needed to:
* Build model homes for Nepali families to choose from in one or more of UNDP’s six regional Technology Demonstration Centers.
* Rebuild a community center and office in Khandbari for the Society Development Center (SODEC).
* Develop training programs, local materials sourcing, and production methods to service the rebuilding of thousands of homes in the coming years.

But in order to succeed at these important tasks, we need your help.

Please consider supporting BWB’s work in Nepal.

BWB seeks to raise $50,000 for its current efforts in Nepal. Towards this goal an inspired BWB supporter has committed a $10,000 challenge grant to match contributions made before February.

Please help us take advantage of this opportunity and raise $10,000 and beyond, by making a donation now.
A 7.8 Mw earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015
Collapsed buildings in Sankhu

Woman at her temporary shelter in Khahare
BWB's Strawbale House Design
Shake-table tested, highly insulating straw bale wall system with bamboo trusses.
BWB's first bales in Nepal. Made locally from rice straw.


Donate to Rebuilding Nepal
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Or send a check to:
Builders Without Borders
119 Main St, Kingston, NM 88042, USA
All donations are tax deductible and go directly to
BWB’s sustainable rebuilding efforts in Nepal.
Dhanyabad! Thank You!

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