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>From my talk to a fire victim:
The (plastered) Danish SB house which burned to the ground some 10+ years
ago was just about finished and inhabitet. The fire started when a kid
moved a candle close to a Velux window which hadn't been finalised and
instead had some 'blue tarp (the cheap plastic polypropylene ones) which
had a few loose 'threads'. The little flame crawled upwards, found the
unplastered side of the bales under the roof, where a smoldering fire

When the fire brigade arrived they couldn't access the fire. They used a
large digging machine to pull of the large barn type sheet metal roofing
which caused the otherwise solid wooden construction to be tweaked,
allowing more oxygene in...and the rest is history. Only the Finnish mass
oven (and the inhabitants) survived.

Menno, I personally support Belgiums laws which basically leaves it upon
the individual to take their own life if they so choose. I don't know how
it is in your country? The problem of your intentions of living within the
high risk of unplastered walls is that it also jeopodizes all of the
surrounding neighbors life, along with the image of straw bale building in
the Netherlands and abroad...

Yes:  $#!+ happens.

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