[Strawbale] FASBA: New German Approval for strawbuilding, 5-storey SB- building unveiled

Dirk Scharmer info at wand4.de
Thu Jul 17 09:25:48 CEST 2014

Dear european straw building friends,
I just wanted to say, that we've a new german so called "general" 
approval for straw as an insulation material. The main improvement is: 
it now allows to plaster directly on the straw (wasn't possible before), 
e.g. inside clay/ earth plaster outside lime plaster with hydrophobic 
paint. And some further less important changes, e.g. less restrictions 
for quality controls now (dimensions, binding, ...). We are able to use 
bales from nearby the building site without extra transportation, and by 
the way: for small residential building the manufacturer baustroh.de 
offers a very easy and inexpensive procedure. The client just calls the 
manufacturer, send 2 bales for pretest, if successful order full test. 
In addition to cost for the farmer and bale transportation from the 
field to site it currently costs 1.000€/ per house to have a fully 
legalised building material which allows the client to build 
extraordinary sustainable homes. There is no other fully legalised 
building material in Germany with such an easy and low cost 

In german language: 
http://fasba.de/images//z-23.11-1595%203.6.2014kl.pdf (translation into 
english is on the way, if you want to do it by your own, please send 
your text to me, that we can offer it on our website)
If you want to read more about our current situation in german: 

And below you can see the recently unveiled 5-storey/ 1,800 sqm 
plastered SB building in Verden Northern Germany (designed by Thomas 
Isselhard and me) which will house the "Northern German centre for 
sustainable building" (translated title) in future.

Dirk Scharmer - Architect

In de Masch 6
D- 21394 Suedergellersen
Tel.: +49 (0) 4131 727804
Fax.: +49 (0) 4131 727805
Email: mail at architekt-scharmer.de
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