[Strawbale] Timber frame designed for strawbale in UK?

sam at bristolwireless.net sam at bristolwireless.net
Thu Jan 30 12:33:45 CET 2014

Hi all

I'm at the early stages of planning a low budget strawbale house build.

Current thinking for approx 6x8m structure is;

* Tyre foundations http://strawworks.co.uk/technical/

* Purchase of loadbearing douglas fir internal timber frame to  
externally clad with bales.

* Puchase of commercial pine 'attic roof' trusses with good overhang  

* Strawbale walls with door & window detail from;  


* Are there any UK timber frame suppliers who design for strawbale?  
I'm aware of this French company;  
http://www.naturel-home.fr/kit_autoconstruire_maison_paille/ but i'm a  
bit unconvinced by the thermal bridging in their timber frame design.

* Is 'dipping' bales in lime wash a good idea to seal? As suggested  



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