[Strawbale] CMHC's "Canadian Wood Frame House Construction"

Rob Tom ArchiLogic at yahoo.ca
Wed Apr 16 02:10:16 CEST 2014

The recent CMHC newsletter included an announcement about the latest  
edition of the "Canadian Wood Frame House Construction" booklet.

I seem to recall seeing a recommendation for an earlier version of the  
booklet in the first (and subsequent) version(s) of the Whole Earth  
Catalogue. I got my first copy at the Belleville Fair when I was probably  
about 10 years old and still have it.

In its hard copy form back in the 60s & 70s, it was about the size of a  
Penguin "Classics" paperback but even in that compact size, it was chock  
full of useful information for both novice and experienced builders.

I suppose that in 2014, all of the information is readily accessed on the  
WWWeb but having it all in one PDF document is probably a Good Thing too.

It's a 10.0 MB download and I'm pretty sure it's free, even to Murricans.

A brief description of it can be seen here:


and includes a link to the download (just in case the link below gets  
mangled by mail software:


(There's probably a French version available as well)
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