[Strawbale] Help us to save the Feuillette's house

Isabelle Melchior brin2paille at gmail.com
Fri Oct 18 14:40:22 CEST 2013

Dear friends of strawbale construction,

I hope that you have ever heard about the Feuillette’s house.
It is the first house made of straw in Europe and the first one built with a wooden frame filled with straw in the World!
It is 93 years old and in an excellent condition!

And we need your help!

We only have a few days to go through the first step of the National Center of Straw Construction creation: buy the Feuillette’s house.
You will find in attachment of this email an explanatory document of this project.

Pending the grants files realization, we quickly need you to collect enought money before the first of november :

150 000 € as solidarity loan (zero-interest loan)   
70 000     € as gift

To make a solidarity loan, it’s easy, you just have to complete the following form :


You can also help us making a gift :


And at last, don’t hesitate to widely speak to your networks, family and friends about this project with the help of the following form :


Thank you in advance for you support.

Best regards,

Anna Carbonnel, communication agent
contact at maisonfeuillette.fr

National Center of Staw Construction
28 Léon Blum avenue
00 335 31 61 80 50

Nom, fonction
CNCP - Feuillette
tél. 02 36 567 567
tél. 05 31 61 80 50

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