[Strawbale] spam

Jan Hollan jhollan at amper.ped.muni.cz
Wed Oct 9 15:51:57 CEST 2013

> Hi Barbara
> We are aware of those two emails and have written to Eric informing him,
> as it is likely his email account has been hacked or his computer is
> infected with malware which he may not be aware of.
> All messages from his email address are now pre-moderated before appearing
> on the list, so there shouldn't be any more spam appearing from that
> address.
> Unfortunately with spammers and hackers getting more sophisticated it is a
> constant battle to keep them out of forums and email lists, but it is
> extremely rare that spam does get through to the strawbale list.
> All the best
> Simon (list admin)

Hi balers,

Eric apologized for that, see his response to me below. Actually, I'm 
happy so few spams to the list are generated by our 600+ members. A 
computer-literate community... I'we wiped off the bodies of those 2 spams 
from the archive.


> Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2013 17:35:09 +0200 (CEST)
> From: Eric Kuetgens <eric.kuetgens at gmx.de>
> To: Jan Hollan <hollan at mail.muni.cz>
> Subject: sorry, spam from my mail account, don't open attachments

> Sorry, Jan,
> am working from Internetcafes, maybe have left it open once.
> have changed passwords, should be finished now..
> e.

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